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How to set up a new project with bsf framework in visual studio 2017

Mon May 14, 2018 12:33 am


I would want to set up a new project in visual studio 2017 with the bsf framework but I don't understand how to it (I always used code block before so visual is new for me).

I created a empty project, add the additionnal include and library c++ option, but the project doesn't recognize the includes from bsf, I tried to add the .dll but can't add them because I have to enable the clr option but can't find it. For now, I just modified an example file and it works but I would like a cleaner solution if possible.

Someone can help me please ?

Edit :

I found how to do it, I will explain for people who are new to visual studio like me (maybe there is another way to do it, I don't know).

1 - Create a new empty project in visual studio (mine is visual 2017)

2 - In your solution folder (where the .sln is), copy/paste the folders from bsf framework ("bin", "lib", "bsf") 

3 - In visual studio, right click on your project and click on propreties

4 - In "C/C++" tab, click on general tab

5 - Now, click on "other include directories" (you will have a small arrow on the right of the text box, click on it and click on "Edit")

6 - You will have a new pop up window, click in the blank area and click on the 3 small points

7 - Now, you have a browser window, you will have to find the folder "bsf" you copy/paste before, then add "bsf.dir", "bsfCore", "bsfEngine", "bsfUtility"

8 - Ok, now you have something like that in the text box


9 - Now, click just under the "C/C++" tab, called "Linker" (or something like, I don't have the english visual studio)

10 - In Linker, click on General and then click on "Additional lib directories" or somethind like that, the ninth element

11 - Samething as step 6, 7, 8 except, you will have to go in your "lib" folder, find the x64/release folder

12 - You will have something like that


13 - Next, under "General" always in Linker, click on "Input"

14 - Click on the first element "Additional dependencies" or something like that

15 - You will have a blank area without browser option

16 - Just write the following things in the blank area 


17 - Now, copy/paste the dlls from your "bin/x64/Release" into the project folder (where is "name.vcxproj"), yes copy all the dlls just there with your code

18 - Now, it should work, you can test with copy/paste the example "LowLevelRendering" because it doesn't use assets etc.

I hope it helps, again, maybe there is another way but for me it worked.
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Re: How to set up a new project with bsf framework in visual studio 2017

Sun May 27, 2018 11:35 am

Thanks for the steps. I've since added a build guide: which you can also use for setting up a project.

Also there is now a separate discussion board for the framework itself, at

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