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Just seen the descriptions of new features for 0.4 for animation!

Wed Sep 27, 2017 9:52 pm

Hi, I've haven't seen this until yesterday, the details of the features for the animation system in release 0.4! Everything I would hope seem to be there and more!

Is this can be used right now in the editor? I'm really impressed of all that stuff that will make it easy to add animations inside this tool! (Additive animation is really a great features, animation events, and IK particulary attracted my attention)

Seeing IK being available, this open up a tons of ideas in my mind:
- Having a character pointing a weapon with the mouse cursor, and the IK will position the arm to have the weapon point at the right direction
- Character climbing stairs and having a event in the animation when the feet goes down, could place a collision detection with a dummy object parented to the feet and have the feet stop on the steps correctly.
- Ragdolls (as you given as example)
- Having a character opening a door using the mouse, instead of having a hand icon like all other games, we could have the real character hand doing it. (Could be used for opening all kind of stuff)

If there someone from the forum that has experienced this, would be nice to have small tutorials, on how to use this from the editor (would surely require a C# script to make it work)

Has someone been able to load a model with morphs and bones and was able to make it work? I wonder how we can use morph (FBX?)

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